Welcome to Brute Resolve

My name is Esteban Diaz

I like to live simply, debt free and forever in the truth no matter if it hurts. I can do more with the truth than to live a lie. I believe in doing the hard things first, doing the things that are no fun, knowing that there is a day where my purpose will be fulfilled, goals will be met,  and a day of reward is near. 

Accountability is the key that leads me to inspire a change in the lives of others because, after all, I’m not alone in this world and neither are you. What you do matters and will affect those around you whether negatively or positively.

I am a veteran of the US Army, a husband, a certified nutritional consultant, an ordained minister that recently completed a master’s degree in biblical studies. I currently work as an engineer, although I have no engineering degree. This is an attest to consistency, and for sure God’s blessing.

I want you to know that you can live in truth and live free no matter the doubts you may have and no matter what your haters say. 

This blog is about hope and truth so that you can live free.

Live Free. Live In Truth.