Hello, My Friends,

This week, January 29-31, has been more of an unplanned rest and recovery week for me. I lost a tooth filling last Friday, right before the weekend. Since I wasn’t in any pain, I ran 10 miles that Saturday. This Monday I went to the dentist, and they filled it temporarily. I got a 4-mile run that evening. I took a half day off from work on Wednesday and was back at the dentist office, where they did the real work. Shout outs to Dr. Henry A. Campbell, his assistant Amy, and the whole staff for being so nice and professional. They fixed me up practically pain-free. I’m scheduled for a follow up in a month to finish the work.

(Garmin Connect App-Badges For Retiring Gear)

I started my road to the half marathon a week before the new year when I sign up for the Texas Big Star Half. The shoes I have been training in are the ASICS GEL-Contend 3. These shoes, to me, are an inferior model of the ASICS brand. I have owned these shoes for over a year and used them as walking shoes. I put them to the test for the last four weeks as running shoes. I’m a mid-foot striker, when running, and not sure why the heals wore out so quickly. Ideally running shoes should last up to 300 miles depending on the terrain and your body weight. The lighter the runner, the longer the shoe will last, even up to 400 miles. These shoes only lasted 101 miles. I won’t complain because these shoes served its purpose for my heart rate zone 2 training. As of now, they are officially retired!

(ASICS GEL-Contend 3)

February is upon us and it is a good starting point for the next phase of training, with another pair of running shoes. I went with an oldie but goodie, the Sketchers GoMeb Speed 3. I bought a red and green pair about a two years ago. They are new in the box. The red pair I call GoMeb Red and the green pair, GoMeb Green. I ran with the GoMeb Red a few times in the past but now it will be the training shoe for this next training portion. This is sponsored shoe created after the 2014 Boston Marathon male winner, Meb Keflezighi, who won with a time of 2:08:37. The claims to this shoe are that the shoe will give you more bounce and propel you forward with each step. We shall see.

(Meb Keflezighi and the GoMeb Speed 3 Running Shoe)

Goodbye, dedicate heart rate zone 2 training, hello at pace training. For this next phase of training, there will be long runs and one day of weight training per week. The run pace will be faster with a few dips into heart rate zone 2 runs, but it will not be a dedicated zone 2 training plan. This training plan will usher my nutrition. I will write more about that once I can get consistent on my eating within the next few weeks.

This is the last blog entry for the month January. Thank you for visiting Brute Resolve and I hope you are enjoying the content. See you in February.

(Next Level Training)


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