I been wanting to do a half marathon for several years but never made up my mind to do it. It’s ironic that at my heaviest weight of 240.8lbs I finally decide to do it. On December 15, 2018, I registered and paid my fee to do the Texas Big Star Half Marathon. This race is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th in my city, the city of Frisco, in Texas.

I signed up for a couple of reasons: To put myself on a training schedule for better health and to lose weight. I have a goal to reach a total body weight of 170lbs by June 2019. This is a goal to lose 70.8lbs in six months . So far I have lost 3.8lbs with only two and half weeks of training.

  Following my training plan has not been an issue. I modified my training schedule to add a run day and to add a rest day. I will have four run days and three rest day per scheduled day of that week. This will motivate me to stick to the plan and to recover better on the longer runs.
It looks like I am improving, two days ago I got a personal record on a 10K training run

Below is my training log and my training plan. I have a goal to run the 13.1 miles in 2 hours or less.

For the remainder of the six weeks, my training will in the zone 2 heart rate zone. This is to develop my mitochondria density for better endurance and to get faster. I think I have a good plan, now I just have to incorporate good eating habits to see positive results.

Let me know what you think.

My training log from Strava as of 1-17-2019
My training plan as of 1-17-2019

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