1/12/2019 before a 7 Mile Run

Happy New Years! It is now thirteen days into 2019 and I can tell you it has been a challenge already. When I say a challenge, I mean things have happened that have been outside of my control. I’m not talking about the consequences of the mistakes I made, or because I failed to give it 110%. I am talking about someone else’s actions that have caused themselves pain or acted in a way that you know they will have to pay for their mistakes later on.
I can tell you that I have prayed for years over loved ones and situations and it still looks like it there has been no improvement because they choose to do and go their own way, yet I’m the one worried and scared for the choices they are making.

This year my theme is,” its on them.”  I’m not carrying the burden, nor wondering if I did anything wrong.

If you know you been giving it 110% and you have exhausted the possibilities of demonstrating and displaying your talents, love, skills, and growth, but you are still being overlooked, that is not on you, its “on them”.

If someone gets angry or upset with you, but you know you didn’t do anything wrong then that is “on them” not you.

If you are with someone you love and they want to leave you, but you know you have done nothing wrong and everything right, then that is not on you but its “on them”.

I’m telling you, my friend, we need to stop taking on everyone’s burdens and let them take ownership of their mood, attitude, and decisions. To many times people try to put blame and put the responsibility on us. We are the ones left holding the bag of worry and burden. We try to correct someone’s immaturity and false impressions of us so we can be liked, or at peace with that person or persons. It’s not you, its “on them”.

By the way, if you want to lose weight this year but you are still eating unhealthy, stressed out, and not exercising that is not on me, that is “on you”…



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