Master’s Degree Explained and Done!

It is done, my friends. I have completed Bible college and I have finished my studies in the master’s degree program. After a couple of years in the program, it came down to a low key, anticlimactic finish. My last push to turn my last assignments and submit my thesis was intense, but the finish was very mellow. The good thing is that the day I got an email confirming my success in the master’s degree program, it was my wife’s and I wedding anniversary of eight years. I have been going to college for seven years out of our eight years of marriage and needless to say this is an excellent chapter in my life I am happy to close.

InShot_20180829_094112122(August 28, 2018- Email Confirmation of successfully completing my studies.)

I work in a technical field as an engineer and I get questions on why I pursued my graduate studies in biblical studies. The simple answer is because I wanted to. I was interested in bible college since my army days but my army career was always mobile with multiple deployments. This made it hard to commit to a college program. All my college education started after I finish my commitment to the United States Army.

Before I started Bible college I had a two-year technical degree in Environmental Technology. This degree was a concentration in the electrical, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration field, and I completed one year of computer and electronic engineering from another school.   The Bible college I just graduated from did not accept credits from my technical degree or technical studies. I had to start with the associate’s program earning an associated degree in Christian Theology.  I kept going, earning a bachelor’s degree in Practical Ministry, and now finished the Master’s degree in Biblical Studies.

Mastersdone(September 8, 2018- I received my master’s degree in Biblical Studies.)

My studies have been biblically based but after completing my associate’s degree I was able to serve as a licensed minister in all non-profit work. After earning my bachelor’s degree  I became an ordained minister which I could marry and officiate in all Christian based ceremonies.

What many don’t know about these types of degrees is that you learn foundations in communication, teaching, counseling, leadership, theological research, multicultural diversity,  biblical studies, and organizational management within a ministry setting locally and globally. By the time you complete the master’s program, you should be to lead and manage teams for service and ministry.

MBS Ring pic

This education can translate into regular corporate jobs. A graduate of this program should be found to be diligent and productive to any employer. This person should be humble to serve but have a willingness to become a leader. The major difference between this graduate and a secular graduated from other colleges is that we carry a message of the Gospel that sets people free and restores relationships in Jesus Christ. We are always willing to share this good news with anyone even with our enemies.

InShot_20180908_205044722(Studies completed but the work has just begun.) 

No one that is involved in ministry does it for the money. For me, I will continue my job in the technical field but my core work is the work of the Lord with the purpose to encourage and cheer someone on that may be torn in what to do in life.

What I can tell you, my friend is, to be honest with yourself. Seek honest people that can help you sort things out with the issues you may have. You don’t have to do it by yourself. If you don’t have anyone to sort things out with you shoot me an email and I can give you some solid advice. My email is,  or leave a comment.

Proverbs 16:9 King James Version (KJV)

A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.


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