Fast Food I’m Breaking Up With You

Dear Fast Food,

I’m writing to you today because I think its better this way instead of meeting in person. I don’t think I could resist you if we meet in person. We have been together for the last several years, and I have loved you so much, but I realize that you don’t love me anymore. You just want me for my body and my body can’t handle you.

It’s true you have been emotionally supportive. You have been there when I was happy, when I was sad and when we had something to celebrate! You have especially been there just because it was Friday and it was weekend time yeah!! I can’t say you haven’t been there for me.

Oh, Fast Food how could you! I thought you were true to me. I believed that you were good because you tasted so good. I thought it was strange that I was so full from eating you and that an hour later I was hungry all over again.

The Break up

I thought you were a bad food gone good, but you are still bad. You still get cooked in oil that causes inflammation, your buns and flour coating aren’t organic, and if it were you would still make me sick. I doubt that your beef is grass fed or that your chicken is free range and cage free. I thought your preservative was preserving our love, but you still like flirting around with those oil saturated fries. You keep telling me they are just friends but I see those fries all hugged up on you.

Fast food it’s over! I’m breaking up with you. The last several years you have lied to me. You have just been feeding me what I want to eat, but you don’t support my dreams.

My dreams are of running a half marathon, biking a 100 miles, doing cross fit, and becoming lean. I dream of not being medicine dependant and feeling good.

Fast food you have taken some of my best years and I look and feel a mess because of your lies. Well not anymore! I still have plenty of years ahead of me.

I want to find food that makes me feel alive. Food that makes me feel sexy and strong. I want to rediscover my body and be in a relationship with food that appreciates me for who I am, and will help me become a better version of myself.

I’m not going to lie I’m going to miss you breakfast burritos with hash browns, but I know it’s better this way. I know we had fun, but you are no good for me. No, no it’s not you it’s me. Goodbye.

I’m better without you.


Future athlete, future healthy body…

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