Japan in Texas

In all disclosure, I have never been to Japan. I have learned about Japan from the Japanese nationals I work with, family members that lived in Japan and of course film and documentaries.  It so happens that this Saturday my wife and I visited a Japanese market near us. I heard about this market about a year ago but never had a chance to go. The next day was Sunday, and it was Mother’s Day. We took my mom and mom in law to the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens. This weekend you can say we got a glimpse of Japan in Texas.

Mitsuwa Market Place(Japanese market-Plano, TX- photos were taken using Samsung S9+)Japanese Market

Let us talk about the Japanese market. My first impression was it was super clean and organized. Everything seemed to fit in its place. I was fascinated with all the different products. Our walk through the market was a quick one. They had sushi, imported liquors from Japan, beverages, and an array of soy sauces that I didn’t know existed. We ended just buying some shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate. For sure we will have to explore more in greater detail.

My wife and I did have lunch there.  The food was good, but the ice cream was even better. I had the #10 seafood platter(oysters, tempura, pork loin, salad and rice)  and my wife had a #7 which was the chicken. The ice cream was a cherry blossom flavor, which to me tasted like cold, semi-sweet, smokey tea, maraschino cherries, mixed with a creamy soft serve. It was delicious.


Japanese Garden (Fort Worth, TX-Completed in 1973)Japanese Gardenhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Worth_Japanese_Garden

Taking our moms to the Japanese Garden was a success. It was a beautiful garden, and they enjoyed walking all the paths and seeing all the wildlife. We saw koi fish, ducks, egrets, and even a few water snakes.  I saw the likeness of Japanese structures, and it was beautiful, but I was expecting to see flowers and blossoms. We did spend about two hours enjoying family and taking lots of pictures, afterward, we had brunch at the restaurant on site. All in all, it was worth it. It was a day well spent.

If you are ever in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you could get out there and explore Japan in Texas.


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