Bicycling Magazine-No People Of Color On The Cover? Really?

At the start of this entry, I was going to build it up leading to my topic, but I’m just going to come out and ask, Why don’t we see people of color in the cover of Bicycling Magazine?

I read my first copy in 2009, the last edition of that year. In 2010, my wife subscribed me to the magazine as a gift. I opted to receive the physical magazine by mail for each monthly copy.  I have enjoyed collecting each copy.  I have had every copy from 2010 through the present June copy 2018, which I received yesterday.   I have over 90  issues that I have received in the last 8 years. The Jan/Feb issues usually come as one issue.

During the last 8 years of my subscription, I  have only seen one person of color on the cover, not sure who he is or what country he’s from but this was the 2014 September edition. It was a great cover, and the magazine featured an image of him doing a climb.  All I know is that this photo was taken by Andy Roberts near Melbourne, Australia.


I began cycling around 2009 because I could not afford a motorcycle. The bike has fulfilled my need to be on two wheels since then. That year, being new to cycling, I put 500 miles on a Wal-Mart Denali “road bike” which I had to sell it because the front hub was squeaking so bad.  Since 2009, in my group rides and bike rallies, I have seen more and more people of color road biking.

People of color have been part of the sport since the days of  Marshall “Major” Taylor who became a pro in 1896 and in 1899 became a world champion. Today you see many cyclists of color in indoor track cycling, crits and pro tours.  So you mean to tell me in the last 8 years Bicycling Magazine could not find a pro cyclist of color for the cover of their magazine. It’s unbelievable for an organization that is such a high proponent of cycling to overlook featuring people of color in cycling on the cover of their magazine.


I  would love to see Spanish, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Pacific Islanders on the cover of their magazine. In all fairness, Bicycling Magazine has had some stories featuring some people of color, but you wouldn’t know it since the cover mostly features white or European cyclists on the cover.  The stories of those of color are written too few times.

Interestingly enough, the survey link below shows more people on bikes are of color than any other population in the U.S.:

I believe that from a business point of view Bicycling Magazine would benefit from diversifying their content to reach a broader range of people and tap into the market they fail to recognize, the people of color who love cycling.



One thought on “Bicycling Magazine-No People Of Color On The Cover? Really?

  1. Great article on people of color and cycling. Loved the statistics–very eye opening!!


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