Loved Food Is The Best Food

Loved BF(Four scrambled eggs in butter, salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper- (2) organic tortillas- (4) Slices of non-nitrate bacon-(3) Paleo pancakes of coconut/almond flour-Black Coffee- made by my wife)

Food that is made for you by your mom, your grandmom, your friend, your husband or your wife, should always be appreciated and cherished. A person that goes out their way to cook for you should always be received in gratitude because they did not have to do it.

A warm plate of food is not always thought of as a privilege, but it should be considered as such. When I was a soldier in the Army, there would be times where a hot plate of food was not possible. MRE (Meals Ready To Eat) was the order of the day. These meals, as best as the Army tried to make them tasty, were designed to put calories on you. Since you were always physically moving, you were continually burning calories.  Sometimes you couldn’t stomach another MRE and would not eat.  When I would get to that point, I would always think about all the uneaten food that I have thrown out from my plate. I would think that would eat those leftovers out the garbage at that very moment if I could.

Image result for MRE

Today if anyone offers me a free lunch, a cooked meal, or even a baked treat, I am excited. My wife asks why I act pleasantly surprised every time she offers me to prepare breakfast or to cook dinner? Although my wife has cooked for me so many times, I’m grateful every time. I remember many times eating alone when I was single, or working long hours, or on the side of the road on a long bike rally.  My wife’s cooking for me is something I honor. It makes me feel honored. She goes out her way to cook for me.

yellow bird

(YellowBird taste good in everything:

So think about it. Are you grateful for a hot meal that someone cooks for you? Do you think of the time and effort they invested in you by cooking for you?

Maybe we could be a little more animated when someone offers us a free lunch, a cooked meal or even a drink on them.

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