Supreme Commander Eisenhower speaks with his troops (June 6, 1944)( D-Day)

Why should we the good, the honest, the citizens, who practice good morals, who are old school in doing what is right, be ashamed? Why?

Why should we be quiet and not make our voices heard?

The world is not quiet but loud, violent, rude, and void of good manners. The world today calls evil good and good evil.

Why should we be afraid of hurt, death, and discomfort? While people in our culture reel in destruction and hate.

Let us break away from our everyday bubble and get out our comfort and learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

How can we see people as they are when we hide in our world of electronic shields, behind our gadgets, telecommunication devices, computers and various addictions? Addictions that make us ill physically, ill mentally, and leaves us empty in our spirit?

We all yearn to be free! To be free and rid of the old, routine, rut, that leads us into a spiraling hole of forgetfulness. The place where we lost our true selves and became detached, degraded, and unvalued.

Let us be unashamed! Let us not care who sees us or what others say. Let us be strong in doing good, being righteous, loving one another and abhorring what is indecent and perverted. Let us do good to ourselves and build! Build your body, build your mind, build your spirit. Stand out and be fearless against all that is wrong and unjust!

Be Strong, Be True, Be Honest, Be Good, Be Unashamed!

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